Wakaw Web Works Digital Marketing

We are a new digital marketing business service Wakaw Saskatchewan and surrounding areas. OK, we are not really a new business. We are owned by Netnotic Markeeting Inc. of Saskatoon. This is our division serving local businesses.

We are able to offer a full suite of Digital Marketing Services including website development, Google Ads management, Search Engine Optimization, and Ecommerce. There are many smaller components we offer as well, but those are the big four.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It should all fit together as part of a comprehensive plan. Our first step in working with you is to understand what your goals are, what you hope to accomplish. We will then craft a marketing strategy with tactics designed to get you there. We wont just slap your name on a cookie-cutter template and call it a customized plan. You will get a true built for you plan.


As digital marketing has transformed since the Internet became mainstream (somewhere around 1995), we have evolved our business practices. We sold our first digital product in 1996 and that $5 sale has propelled us forward for the next 25 years of rapid changes. We have worked with multi-million dollar marketing budgets and with $200 a month budgets.

Work Ethic Breeds Success

While the technology changes rapidly, one thing we have always known, is that there will always be value in having a strong work ethic. We believe that spending the time to know the client, developing a solid plan, and executing the plan is a formula for success, success for ourselves and success for our clients.

We seek out clients that have entrepreneurial spirit and have the desire to work hard to succeed. The combination of drive plus a marketing strategy pointed in the right direction is hard to beat.