Website Development

Website development can mean many things. From technology choices to functionality to content. We have been through the process hundreds of times and we are confident we can take you from that blank first page to a stunning website that interests and informs your target audience.


If your website plan includes performing your own content updates and edits, then we highly recommend the WordPress Content Management System. WordPress is the #1 Content Management System (CMS) and for years has offered the best support, security, SEO-friendly, and by far the largest library of plug-ins to add high-end functionality to your site. Also, if you have plans to offer Ecommerce from your website, then the WooCommerce for WordPress plug-in is simply the best way to do this.

On top of all that, WordPress is also considered the easiest CMS to work with for non-programmers. It is similar to working with a document editing program such as MS Word or Google Documents. Making content edits is generally as simple as select, type, save.

Custom Programming

If we say we have written tens of thousands of lines of code, does that make us nerds? Ya, it probably does, but we are proud of it. We have built a number of website applications including Rodeo Management System, Sport Trivia Challenge, Classic Ball Fields, Puck-Stat, Base-Stat and added custom programming to a number of client sites. In some cases we have simply added some custom functionality to help present a clients products while in other cases we have built out complete database-based web applications.

Budgetary Planning

How much does a website cost? The cost is driven by a few factors such as number of pages, complexity, functionality, and support level. As a budgetary guideline, you can expect a quote from us based on standard complexity, an average set of functionality, and number of pages as follows:

PagesSupport TypeDevelopmentRenewal
1-10Mega Plan$2000$1250
11-20Mega Plan$2750$1250
21-30Mega Plan$3500$1250
30+Mega Plancustom quote$1250
1-10Standard Plan$2000$750
11-20Standard Plan$2750$750
21-30Standard Plan$3500$750
30+Standard Plancustom quote$750
1-10On Demand$2000$125
11-20On Demand$2750$125
21-30On Demand$3500$125
30+On Demandcustom quote$125